Book-Keeping Services in Canterbury, Kent

From the humble carrier bag – it used to be shoe boxes, full of dog-eared receipts in no particular order, with a smattering of Sales Invoices and the odd bank statement, to Double Entry, with Cash Books, Bought, Sales and Nominal Ledgers, scribed by hand or by a bespoke computer program, this is where it all begins.

Accurate basic spade work is critical to providing a meaningful set of Accounts.

Whatever is presented to us will be looked over, checked, cast and cross cast to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Integrated into the bank and cash controls we can produce an accurate picture of the period’s financial dealings, summarised by the Accounts prepared.

If you do not have the time, or the task is just too daunting, we can help.

Whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, your source documents can be collected or delivered to us and we can prepare you summaries to suit your requirements. Be they for VAT Returns, monthly management meetings or end of year financials – leave it to us.